Journey with ACT Safety Ltd - Cultural Diversity in Training

By Irene Volschenk

Recognized by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) as a Category 1 provider, we appreciate the value of cultural diversity in the training environment. We recently started an Elevated Working Platform (EWP) training session with a group of enthusiastic Chinese students, under the direction of our skilled Asian trainer, Ken last Sunday June 2. In addition to covering EWP practices, this workshop provided a forum for fostering respect and cooperation between participants from different cultural backgrounds.

Ken addressed the discussion with openness and sensitivity, understanding the significance of cultural differences. Clear articulation, visual aids, and hands-on demonstrations were used to overcome language barriers so that all students, regardless of language background, could fully understand the training material. In addition, Ken promoted an atmosphere of candid communication in which students felt free to express their opinions and views. This enhanced the educational process and helped the participants feel inclusive and like they belong.

As a provider of safety training, we are aware that cultural diversity is a crucial component of the workplace outside of the classroom. As a result, our training placed a strong emphasis on the value of cooperation, communication, and mutual aid—skills that are crucial for operating safely and effectively, especially in different work environments.

We saw the students undergo a tremendous shift during the training session. Conversations that started out cautiously developed into cooperative problem-solving as cultural barriers gave way to mutual respect and understanding. Our students improved their EWP operation skills and learned important lessons on how to function well in multicultural settings by accepting cultural variety.

In the end, the significance of cultural diversity in safety training was brought home by our experience with the Health and Safety training. We build learning environments that enable participants to thrive not only in their technical skills but also in their capacity to traverse various work circumstances safely and successfully. We do this by cultivating inclusivity, understanding, and respect. At ACT Safety, we take great pride in upholding the values of diversity and inclusivity in everything we do, in addition to meeting the demanding criteria set by NZQA.