In August 2022 changes was introduced to the health and safety regulations for mining and quarrying.
These changes will be implemented gradually over 2022 to 2024.

Key changes:

  • Quarry operators will now require a documented system to manage health and safety on site.
  • The principal hazard definition has been clarified. Large quarry operations that have principal hazards will require PHMPs.
  • There are two new terms to be aware of – A-grade quarry operation and B-grade quarry operation. This is to reflect the differentiated risk management for quarry operations determined by the number of quarry workers.
  • There will be a need for a new role – an Alluvial Mine Manager COC, this role is currently part of the Quarry Manager COC.
  • There is a new requirement for quarries to notify incidents under MOQO Regulations Schedule 5 and report quarterly to WorkSafe under Schedule 8.