Managing Health & Safety at your workplace?

By Default Admin

What every employer need to understand is that different businesses have different risks.  This depends on the work they do.

They need to understand:

  • What their work-related health and safety risks are - particularly those that have the potential to cause employees and others serious injury or illness.
  • the likelihood of those risks occurring
  • the degree of harm that could result from those risks
  • the options to eliminate the risks
  • the options to minimise the risks (where they can't be eliminated)
  • the associated costs.

Consideration of cost should only take precedence over safety when it is grossly disproportionate to the risk.

A Business is responsible for people's health and safety at their place of work this includes their employees and any other workers that it influences or directs, this includes other people, for example, customers, visitors, children and young people, or the general public.

If you are self-employed then you must also ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, your own health and safety as well as the health and safety of others who could be put at risk by the work that you do.

It is our recommendation that anyone serious about ensuring their and other people's health and safety undertake our Health and Safety Representative in NZ - Stage 1 or Stage 2 and our Risk Assessment or Incident Investigation courses.

This will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to assess risks, investigate incidents and know your role in how to keep yourself and people safe at your workplace.

Please book yourself or your trainee on our upcoming health and safety courses.